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Jabez came to a point in his life where he chose to make a break from his past identity to change his future. He was not a total failure, nor a total success. He knew greater blessings were available if he could break through the pain. Pain deforms our identity and steals our resolve to live a dream of more. Pain can be instructive to learning as well as corrective to undesirable behavior, but it also confiscates honor from the core of our identity that is essential for living a purposeful destiny. When our dreams encounter pain, unbelief mocks us, our future, and our faith. This book is not about building character through correct responses to painful events, but rather how to shatter the limitations pain has created within our identity. Jabez was not willing to endure living under the pain that had plundered his identity from birth. He had a vision of his future that he reached by request with five strategic truths. He needed his "me" to be blessed by Father God. He knew Father God would give him more. Do we? Jabez would not remain silent. Will we?You will finish this book believing that no matter how old you are, no matter what you have been through, God's dream and destiny that He originally created you to experience is still available for you and alive in the heart of God. I am thankful to our Father for the provision of this brilliant resource. - Dr. Mike HutchingsAs I read the insights in Dale Mast's new book, "Shattering the Limitations of Pain," I personally felt limitations lift off. This is truly one of the most impacting books ever written on personal identity...destined to be a classic. - Dr. Rocky TannehillDale Mast is one of the valuable faculty members of my ministry school, Global School of Supernatural Ministry and is a great teacher. I recommend to you the book, "Shattering the Limitations of Pain" as a great message of hope, healing and restoration. - Dr. Randy ClarkThis book turns our hearts from our pain to His love to reveal who He has created us to be. - John Ramirez Dale Mast is an author, international speaker, and a senior pastor. He and his wife, LuAnne, have six children and four grandchildren.


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    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 154 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 1662801432
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1662801433
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