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Sweeping the ashes out of the fireplace at my first job as a cleaning lady, I was overwhelmed. My husband of 23 years had left me for another woman, and I was thrust into the role of a struggling single mom. At that time my mother died of cancer, my house went into foreclosure, my car was repossessed, and I was forced into unexpected bankruptcy. In frustration, I lifted my hands up to the Lord and cried out, “God, I feel like Cinderella!” He answered me right away. He said, “You are Cinderella, and I will redeem you!” I had already experienced the supernatural power of prayer, healings and miracles. I was visited by an angel and prayed for a man that was raised from the dead. So when I heard God answer me in those ashes, I knew I had to trust him like never before. 

LuAnne’s life testimony proves that God can take a life that has a dysfunctional childhood, an abusive marriage, and a seemingly helpless situation, and transform it into a life of joyful fulfillment. Dr. Bill Hamon

The stories of God’s intervention and his power, the working of the gifts of the Spirit and the miraculous divine appointments are encouraging and amazing. Randy Clark 

I cried as I read between the lines of my friend's life, but I rejoiced as I saw how faithful God is. You will be encouraged as you read this book of LuAnne's childlike faith and God's supernatural power. Dr Sharon Stone

This book will teach you the power of forgiveness. Barbara Wentroble

GOD I Feel Like Cinderella

SKU: B006GG9M24
  • Product details

    • ASIN : B006GG9M24
    • Publisher : Xulon Press (November 29, 2011)
    • Publication date : November 29, 2011
    • Language : English
    • Print length : 152 pages
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