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Our Family Story

Dale and LuAnne Mast serve as Senior Pastors to Destiny Christian Church – a multi-cultural, non-denominational, Spirit-filled church in Dover, Delaware. They have six children; Michael, Benjamin, Heidi, Matthew, Andrew (and Amanda) and Zachary (and Amber) with four grandchild, Bailey, Lena, Logan and Maisie. Moses and Molly are our two dogs. 


Dale and LuAnne Mast serve as Sr. Pastors to Destiny Christian Church a multi-cultural church in Dover, Delaware, where he has served since


1983. They travelnationally and internationally as speakers.Dale is also known for his&books,&teachings and accurate prophetic words to

individuals, churches and nations. He has written four books. His first book, And David Perceived He Was King, has been translated into five

languages. He has been a prophet to prophets and a father to fathers.LuAnne’s testimony is written in her first book, “God, I Feel Like


Cinderella!”&She overcame abuse, personal loss and divorce with supernatural faith and God’s&divine intervention that have encouraged


many.&LuAnne also operates in a breaker anointing with words of knowledge, healing and deliverance. Dale and LuAnne minister to


networks, pastors, churches, men’s and women’s retreats, church leadership, believers and non-believers as well as serve on several

church and ministry boards. They have been featured on GODTV and Elijah Streams as well. Dale and LuAnne&are ordained by Dr. Bill


Hamon of Christian International and serve him on the Board of Governor

Dale was raised Mennonite and was spirit-filled at Eastern Mennonite College in the early Charismatic Movement. He was ordained in 1983 as Pastor. Bishop Hamon ordained Dale with Christian International Network of Churches as a "prophet who would pastor" in 1991. In 1996, Cindy Jacobs prophesied that God would use Dale to "help establish prophetic evangelism... and give him story after story." Dale’s prophetic ministry to a head NFL Coach, waitresses, cashiers, airplane passengers, and those caught in the new age religion will challenge you to step out on the leading of the Holy Spirit to be a witness. His book will be published in February 2015, "And David Perceived He Was King." It is about David's life and the importance of our identity in fulfilling destiny. 

LuAnne was Episcopalian, then joined the Catholic Church for marriage and was later spirit filled. She became a part of Mt. Zion Ministries in Utica, NY where she was trained in deliverance ministry as well as personally breaking her free from years of abuse. LuAnne had an incredible encounter with God in Brazil on a mission trip with Global Awakening, (Randy Clark’s ministry), which changed her life forever. She was ordained Assistant Pastor at The Blessing Place – an inner city outreach in Wilmington, DE. While living in New York, she had a ministry to women called Daughters of Zion. Her testimony of abuse, divorce, deliverance and restoration has set many people free. Many lives have been changed by the book she wrote, "God, I Feel Like Cinderella!" which has been published in four languages.

Dale and LuAnne were married June 7, 2008. They were ordained together by Dr. Bill Hamon on 10-10-2010. He set them into their apostolic prophetic ministry to the Body of Christ. Dale and LuAnne have a powerful testimony of how God restored their broken lives – her husband of 23 years divorced her because of her faith and his wife of 29 years died of cancer. They teach together nationally and internationally, under their ministry of Eagle Fire Ministries, with deliverance and prophetic ministry. They minister to networks, pastors, churches, retreats, church leaders and believers both nationally and internationally.

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